Taufik Valiante - human neurophysiology and epilepsy lab at UHN and UofT

Etienne Sibille - neurobiology of depression and aging lab at CAMH and UoT

John Griffiths - whole-brain modeling at KCNI and UofT

Shreejoy Tripathy - computational genomics at KCNI and UofT

Andreea Diaconescu - cognitive network modeling at KCNI and UofT

Aviad Hai - biomedical neuroengineering lab at the University of Madison Wisconsin




Shared Resources



Cortical pyramidal neuron models (rat L5) ModelDB

Cortical pyramidal neuron models for different morphologies (rat L5) ModelDB

Cortical microcircuit models (rat L5) ModelDB

Human tactile FA-1 neuron and population models ModelDB