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2024 - Yao.png

Spine loss in depression impairs dendritic signal integration in human cortical microcircuit models

Yao HK, Mazza F, … Sibille E, Hay E

bioRxiv 2024 preprint

2024 - Moghbel.png

Deriving connectivity from spiking activity in biophysical cortical microcircuits

Moghbel F, Hassan MT, Guet-McCreight A, Hay E

bioRxiv 2024 preprint

2024b -GM.jpg

Therapeutic dose prediction of α5-GABA receptor modulation from simulated EEG of depression severity

Guet-McCreight A, Mazza F, ... Sibille E, Hay E

bioRxiv 2024 preprint

2024 - Mazza.jpg

EEG biomarkers of α5-GABA positive allosteric modulators in rodents

Mazza F, Guet-McCreight A, ... Sibille E, Hay E

bioRxiv 2024 preprint

2023 - Rosanally.jpg

Linking reduced prefrontal microcircuit inhibition in schizophrenia to EEG biomarkers in silico

Rosanally S, Mazza F, Yao HK, Hay E

bioRxiv 2024 preprint

2023 - GM.png

In-silico testing of new pharmacology for restoring inhibition and human cortical function in depression

Guet-McCreight A, ... Valiante TA, Sibille E, Hay E

Communications Biology 2024; 7, 225 article

2021 - Mazza.jpg

In-silico EEG Biomarkers of reduced inhibition in human cortical microcircuits in depression

Mazza F, Guet-McCreight A, Valiante TA, Griffiths JD , Hay E

PLoS Comput Biol 2023; 19(4): e1010986 article

2022 - GM.png

Age-dependent increased sag amplitude in human pyramidal neurons dampens baseline cortical activity


Guet-McCreight A, Chameh HM, Mahallati S, Wishart M, Tripathy SJ, Valiante TA, Hay E

Cerebral Cortex 2023; Volume 33, Issue 8, 15 April article

2022 - Howard.jpg

An in vitro whole-cell electrophysiology dataset of human cortical neurons

Howard D,... Hay E, Valiante TA, Tripathy SJ

GigaScience 2022 article

microcircuit depression.png

Reduced inhibition in depression impairs stimulus processing in human cortical microcircuits

Yao HK, Guet-McCreight A, Mazza F, ... , Valiante TA, Sibille E, Hay E

Cell Reports 2022; 38 (2) article


Orientation processing by synaptic integration across first-order tactile neurons

Hay E, Pruszynski JA

PLoS Comput Biol. 2020 Dec 2; 16 (12): e1008303  article


Multiregional integration in the brain during resting-state fMRI activity

Hay E, Ritter P, Lobaugh NJ, McIntosh AR

PLoS Comput Biol. 2017 Mar 1; 13 (3): e1005410 article


A theoretical view of the neuron as an input-output computing device

Hay E, Gidon A, London M, Segev I

Dendrites. 3rd edition, Oxford University Press. 2016, 439-464

Markram 2015.jpg

Reconstruction and simulation of neocortical microcircuitry

Markram H, ..., Hay E, et al.

Cell. 2015 Oct 8; 163 (2): 456-92 article

2015 - Hay.jpg

Dendritic excitability and gain control in recurrent cortical microcircuits

Hay E, Segev I

Cereb Cortex. 2015 Oct; 25 (10): 3561-71 article

2013 - Hay.tif

​​​​​Preserving axosomatic spiking features despite diverse dendritic morphology

Hay E, Schurmann F, Markram H, Segev I

J Neurophysiol. 2013 Jun; 109 (12): 2972-81 article

2011 - Hay.jpg

​​​​Models of neocortical layer 5b pyramidal cells capturing a wide range of dendritic and perisomatic active properties

Hay E, Hill S, Schurmann F, Markram H, Segev I

PLoS Comput Biol. 2011 Jul; 7 (7): e1002107 article

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