Lab Members

Etay Hay

Principal Investigator

Independent Scientist, Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, CAMH

​​Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Department of Physiology, University of Toronto

Alexandre Guet-McCreight

Postdoctoral Fellow

In-silico testing of new pharmacology (GABA synaptic modulators) for treating depression

Changes in sag-current and cortical microcircuit activity in aging

Frank Mazza

Graduate Student (MSc), Physiology & Neuroscience, University of Toronto

Identifying EEG biomarkers of reduced SST inhibition in cortical microcircuits models of depression (co-supervised with Dr. John Griffiths)


Kant Yao

Graduate Student, Physiology & Neuroscience, University of Toronto

Somatostatin synaptic inhibition and human cortical circuit processing in health and depression

Sana Rosanally

Graduate Student, Physiology & Neuroscience, University of Toronto

Inhibition effects on simulated prefrontal microcircuit activity and EEG during oddball processing in health and schizophrenia

Taaha Hassan

Undergraduate Student, McMaster University

Sampling algorithms for deriving cortical microcircuit connectivity

(T-CAIREM summer studentship award)

April Hilton

Graduate Student, Med. Physiology, University of Toronto

Depression and Schizophrenia data analysis

(Summer applied research project)

Sophie Lafaille

Research Coordinator


Lab Alumni

Maggie Wishart (2020) - undergraduate student, NSERC-awarded summer research

Ana Han (2019) - undergraduate student, summer research volunteer